Yep, that’s me – Balint, sitting on a beach at Dunnet Head – the northernmost point of the UK – having one of my adventures in Scotland with my bike, Zoe – She has a name, I am weird like that.


Where do I live?

I am Hungarian guy living in Grantham, UK. I have moved here after I finished my sociology degree in Hungary – back in 2015, it’s the longest adventure of my life so far.
I share a house with Norbert. He is the poor soul who lives in constant state of fear due to my habit of scaring him.


What do I do?

I work as a Systems Support Supervisor for a company called Onswitch, doing stuff like answering the phone…..

I live for the adventure and for the feeling of not knowing what’s going to happens next. I am interested in stuff like motorcycles, books, guitars, blues, forex things, brazilian jiu-jitsu, photography, philosophy and all sorts!


I would like to definitely talk to you, just send me an email to balint.nagy@blantrip.com and lets have a chat.